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repairs & antlers

YAY my macbook looks beautiful again. it is a happy day here in noraland, despite some sad happenings over the past few days, which i will talk about later. for now, let's concentrate on the good stuff. Over the weekend I djed at Rachael's fabulous bday party show at the Delancey which was a great time. all of the bands (technically SEVEN on them if you include surprise guests Tally Hall) who performed were great, and the ones I had never even heard of all exceeded my expectations.

One in particular that I want to highlight here aka rave about were The Antlers from Brooklyn, NY. The first thing I noticed when they took the stage was that they had one of those little Fisher Price baby piano things, all painted and cool looking. I used to love banging on that thing when I was a tot, and I'm actually pretty sure that CYHSY also used one on some recording at some point. Nothing says indie like a little teeny chirpy piano. Secondly, they launched into a song and the audience discovered that not only are The Antlers an indie band, but they are a REALLY GOOD indie band.

And then what sealed the deal? After that first amazing song, 21 (they are SO YOUNG these days) year old frontman Peter Silberman announced to the crowd that this was their FIRST SHOW TOGETHER AS A FULL BAND EVER.

The Antlers, which apparently is Silberman's brainchild, have an album out right now called "In The Attic Of The Universe," which is recorded with a bunch of stuff "sprawled on the floor of his apartment" apparently. AND he sounds a lot like Jeff Buckley if that sort of thing pops your musica cherry. OH aaaaaaaaand you can download the entire thing right now at As the birthday girl would say, awesomesauce.

The Antlers - The Universe Is Going To Catch You

Next show is at Union Hall on the 16th!

Also, now that I am back on the internet, it goes without saying that I was very sad to hear over the weekend of the death of John, the drummer from one of my favorite up and coming bands, Ra Ra Riot. If you ever have seen them live you most likely noticed not only how amazing they are, but also how close they all seem to be as friends. Our thoughts go out to the band and their friends and families in what I am sure is an extremely difficult time.

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