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your secret admirer

So the other day I was walking around the LES with a marg to go when I noticed this flier taped up to a lamp post. Giving it a quick once over, I realized it was a computer generated "secret admirer" note similiar to a Craigs list "missed connection." I pointed it out to Abby, who of course rolled her eyes at the thought of leaving a note for ANYONE you had met at Fat Baby and kept walking.

Fast forward to today, when I was on myspace (aka: all I do all day) and noticed that I had a friend request from "your secret admirer." Despite not being a fan of myspace "dating," I was intrigued and clicked.

YEP, of course, Your Secret Admirer is A BAND.

And the fliers are for their upcoming shows.

I should have known no one was going to find true love at Fat Baby.

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