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the new underground


there is a lot going on this week. sunday night kept me out way too late seeing The Rapture tear Crash Mansion apart. They sounded amazing and played three or four new songs, which sound basically just like their old songs, but still were awesome and kept the crowd dancing like drunken maniacs throughout. One track was called "Devil" I believe. beyond that, I believe that they should ALWAYS play in 350 person capacity rooms and that I'm still madly in love with their cowbell player.

monday night was way too over the top with Kill Hannah and Shiny Toy Guns, and in mean that in a heavy-on-the-eyeliner GOOD way. it was fun. then I woke up with a migraine and that was NOT fun. c'est la vie.

tonight, at the last minute after some free champagne courtesy of the fine folks at Gen Art, I will be seeing We Are Scientists and the Arctic Monkeys AGAIN. yes, i would rather be at Radiohead, but you can't always get what you want. Especially when your friend sold your ticket to someone who offered him 1000 dollars for it.


you know what's random? A really good song just came on my iTunes that I haven't heard before. I go to scope it out, and HEY, it's fucking GUSTER. I used to really love Guster. Even my little sister likes Guster. Your little sister probably likes them too come to think of it. Anyways, the song is called "The New Underground" and you can download it over here. It didn't sound like Guster to me at all though... what do you think?

finally, I'm really excited that Muse are coming back. and I'm seeing Tally Hall on Saturday. All is right with the world!

not that you asked for one, but here's a random entry...

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