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free to stay

hey there.


i'm here, don't fret.

i just took a week off because, oh, you know... it had been a holiday weekend, and I prefer extended holidays. and of course, I've been keeping busy losing hoodies on purpose at the annex, oogling underage stars of panic! at the disco videos, and uh... listening to tally hall.

but i can't listen to tally hall ALL the time, so I was pretty excited to hear that Smoosh's new album comes out TOMORROW. Oh how the time flies, and even on first listen you can hear the difference an adolescent year or two have made on the sound of this young Seattle-based sister duo.

The album is called Free To Stay, and you can check out the first track here:

Smoosh - Find A Way

Gotta spend some more time with the new album, but this is def. an interesting direction these girls are growing towards. Oh, and I just like saying "Smooooooosh" outloud a lot.

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