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odditorium indeed...

this morning while I was running out the door to work, I grabbed a manilla envelope off the coffee table and discovered on the L train that it was full of CDs, including a copy of the new Dandy Warhol's album "Odditorium or Warlords of Mars." I've always liked the Dandy Warhols, even though Courtney Taylor was kind of TOO odd when I djed with him at Hiro back in April. He played the entire album then, although clearly what I'm listening to now is pretty different -- or at they very least mastered.

but while I kind of like "Down Like Disco," which is standard Dandys single material in terms of catchy-ness, I dunno about the rest of this disc. Is the 10+ minute closer awfully titled "A Loan Tonight" really necessary? I think not. I personally can only take so much ambient noise in one sitting. I think maybe Courteney and company need to realize that as strangely as they want to title their albums, they will never be as wonderfully odd, not to mention talented, as their rivals. You know who I mean.

The Dandy Warhols - Down Like Disco

the deja in my vu!

helloooooooooooo moto