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helloooooooooooo moto

Last night I went with some of my fellow bloggers to this weird Motorola party for their new cellphone, the Motorokr which basically has itunes on it and can hold 100 songs. Unfortunately, they didn't give out any free phones (at least not while I was there), but they did give out other fun things like champagne and mini cheeseburgers. Mmm. When someone walks up to you with a tray full of free redbull, you know you went to the right party.

The phones apparently cost about 250 bucks, and from what I saw they were really nice actually. But honestly, I'd rather have a pair of the amazing headphones that they had for you to listen to them with. They made the Bravery sound really good (um... yeah) and made it so you couldn't hear ANYTHING else, like people geeking out next to you and reading their own blogs at the party. Who would do a thing like that though?

odditorium indeed...

surefire on the brink