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mp3s for CMJ etc. etc.

three things quickly:

- TONS OF MP3s from CMJ artists! Go familiarize yourself. Thanks Wiredset, you guys are awesome.

- Go see Shiny Toy Guns at Crash Mansion tonight at 7:00. fun music. i like. mp3s on site (Sam, I just proved you right. dammit).

- This friday, go see Pilot to Gunner at Pianos if you don't feel like seeing CYHSY for the billionth time (it will be overflowing with people at Merc anyways so don't fret about them not packing the room). PTG are also from Brooklyn and deserve way more attention and praise than they get.

Here's a new unreleased track from them. Shhh don't tell anyone.

Pilot to Gunner - All The Lights

12:00 @ Pianos on Friday

later gaters! (i keep saying that lately. i have NO IDEA why)

disappointed and disjointed on a friday morning.

you know where to be when the ball drops