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reminder for awesomeness

Wow I'm really tired. No amount of redbull in the world could get me to go out tonight and you know that's a big deal. I mean... I'm missing The Bravery's afterparty (that happens to be at Hiro if you like eyeliner and binge drinking and things of that nature...go)! BOO HOO! Okay but seriously... it doesn't really matter because last night's party at Lit was so much fun. Crazy people dancing everywhere and even some nice blog readers came out! Every week gets better and better... next week will be no exception.

There's a ton of fun stuff for people who don't need to sleep for weeks like I do, like Sarah's Stolen Transmission showcase at Rothko (for five bucks!) or Scissor Sisters at Merc (but that is sold out, so sad).

Personally, if these things aren't up your alley and you don't feel like hanging out with Sam Endicott all night long, I suggest you go to Pianos to check out Aeon Spoke. You will not be disappointed. They are from Los Angeles and they do not come to New York nearly enough so please go!

If you're tired like me though, you can raincheck for tomorrow night @ Mercury Lounge.

here's another tune:

Aeon Spoke - Emmanuel

older entry about them with other mp3s is over here to.

so jealous. and not in the tegan and sara way.

new stellastarr* goodies