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so jealous. and not in the tegan and sara way.

So initially I was super jealous that Jeff got to go to Scissor Sisters last night (although I'm going next week now!!), but then I found out that ANDERSON COOPER was there and my jealousy quadrupled. I LOVE THAT MAN. There was recently in Blender Magazine (which I started getting in the mail for free for no apparently reason... or at least I really hope it's free) a section where they had him pick out his favorite music. This was alco accompanied by a ridiculously hot picture.

Basically, he's amazing. And he has great taste in music! And he paid for his own ticket! Is he married? Anyone know? If he is there next week I will probably piss myself. Or make out with him if remotely possible. Gah.

update: ok Jeff just told he that he's gay. god dammit. DAMMIT!!! well i still love him.

Nora's not here right now

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