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Nora's not here right now

I'm not Nora, but we like a lot of the same stuff, so this shouldn't be too much of a stretch...

Yesterday Nora posted a stream of one of the new Stellastarr songs. Loved it! This guy's got another song off the new album to download. It's gorgeous.

Nora hearts Editors nearly as much as I do. Loose Record's super informative news scroll linked to this article about them from The Independent. I had no idea they were so young! Nice to hear a band actually admit such contemporary influences. The honesty is appreciated.

Editors get a lot of Interpol comparisons, obviously. Apparently Paul and co. heard Munich playing at a bar and thought it was them. Classic. Central Village loves Interpol too. He posted a whole bunch of MP3s to download today.

I know Nora was showing some Vicious love the other day for the Surefire, PS, etc. show at Rothko, but there IS another great show going on the same night at Mercury Lounge. Nine Black Alps, Sam Champion, Hard-Fi and The Cribs are all playing next Tuesday. All these bands will be playing significantly larger venues in the near future. Tough choice between the two shows.

Finally, I leave you with this amazing picture of Nora absolutely trashed on a Monday night. Love it! Enjoy the new job, darling!

nora: first of all, jeff wrote this entry and linked himself! he's so funny. and what is this i like the Editors ALMOST AS MUCH AS YOU??? who begged you to listen to that album? let's be real here! okay but Jeff is awesome so here is his guest blog.. i just had to clarify. i've always wanted a guest blogger (because i'm really lazy) and he did a really great job, don't you think?

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so jealous. and not in the tegan and sara way.