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disappointed and disjointed on a friday morning.


it's cmj week in nyc.
and fashion week in nyc.
AND there's a UN meeting in nyc this week.

who thought this was a GOOD idea?!

this all amounts to a shortage of cabs, buses and trains, sold out hotels and restaurants, an overabundance of police and a general overcrowding of the city.

the CMJ marathon was already lacking in the lineup department this year, in my opinion, but now that it's practically impossible to get into any venue with a band worth seeing after 8pm because they seem to accept limited badges
e v e r y w h e r e... AND the fact that i've missed 4 out of the 6 shows i really wanted to see over the past 2 nights because of that... i have to say- I'm over it.

CMJ: you and me - we are no longer friends.

don't even get me started on trying to GET from venue to venue. ugh. and if i were one of the people who came from out of town and paid $500 for a badge and i couldn't get into the shows i wanted to see... i'd be raising hell. i got my badge for free, and it's still grating on me. it's all just so unorganized this year, it's mind blowing. i'm fully frustrated.

next year, unless they reform quicksand, raise elliot from the dead or do something equally amazing... they can just suck it.

ANYWAY- enough with my grumpy hungover morning attitude- the changes played cbgb 313 last night, and they were great (and quite nice too - lovely to meet you boys!)... but i won't say more than that because i'm sure nora has a whole entry to write about them. so, here's a song, enjoy!

a double dose of The Changes @ CMJ : the best kind of medicine

mp3s for CMJ etc. etc.