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a double dose of The Changes @ CMJ : the best kind of medicine

so basically my CMJ sentiments agree completely with Nicole's thoughts below. it's a shame, but it's true. I can count the number of bands I have seen so far on one hand because of badge restrictions and slow public transport. Ugh.

Thank god, however, for The Changes because otherwise yesterday would have been a total bust. This band has improved to an entire new level since the last time I saw them play in NYC (although I did see them at Lollapalooza), and their new material is just astoundingly good live, mostly because they have gotten so tight as a group. I think a lot of their natural chemistry is because they really are the best of friends and come off as entirely cool, laid back and approachable which is a nice change of pace from a lot of the over-styled rock acts these days. There is just so much happy on the stage when they play, I can't even express it.

If you ever have the chance to catch this band live, do not miss them. They will someday be ridiculously famous, and from the first hook of "Can't Decide" to the all out jam of "Her You and I" you will be one of the first to know why.

photo shamelessly stolen from The Underrated Blog because I have no time to upload my own

the end is near...

disappointed and disjointed on a friday morning.