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shuffle your feet to new BRMC

Someone just told me that ever since they have known me, I have loved BRMC (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club). This is probably pretty accurate. Last year when they played with the Rapture was a concert experience that I would typically day dream about that was actually made a reality. It was excellent. I have loved both of their albums and every time someone taunted me with a copy of "Howl" I would make some sort of "Ooooooing" or shrieking noise of the high pitched variety.

So I finally got my hands on it and all I have to say is... what a departure! I still love it, and it's still very dark, but much much much more acoustic and shoe-gazy than ever before. It's interesting.. last year I saw them play at Coachella and they had tons of power issues to the point where they had to play unplugged. But it was still GOOD... so that set me up in the right way for "Howl." See for yourself:

BRMC - Shuffle Your Feet (please please right click save as)

They are playing Sept 26th at Irving Plaza

have a sandwich with Alec instead!

too hip for me