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too hip for me

When did Old Navy get so fucking cool (heavy sarcasm). williamsburg t-shirts? yellow ones witih pink glitter letters? this is all lost on me, seriously. The best part though is that when I was there they played Kaiser Cheifs, Futureheads, and EDITORS. Literally I stopped in my tracks when "Munich" came blasting over the speakers.

So basically either the person programming music for the Old Navy in Soho is really cool (and I probably know them or something) or I am really out of the loop. But ok... two for one tank tops (almost as good as two for one drinks but not really) and obscure... tho not for long... music by british bands who don't even have albums out and haven't played ANY shows in the US? I guess I can deal with it. Just give the "East Village" t-shirts a rest.

I promise I won't wear mine to Lit tomorrow night.

Anyways... two more Editors tracks because I love them:

Editors - Bullets

Editors - Dust In The Sunlight

(right click save as please!)

also... don't even ask me what Nicole's post was about. I ask her to post about bands sometimes and she posts about happy meals. Someday we will all understand. I had to take it down though... it was making me hungry.

shuffle your feet to new BRMC

did someone say pre-show burritos?