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i'm already tired

Tonight there are way too many great shows going on in the city. In fact, that's kind of the case every night this week. I guess that's the upside/downside to living in New York. Tonight there is a great Vicious bill @ Rothko, featuring Chicago band The Changes who I wrote about earlier. They play at 9.

Benzos will also be playing their record release show @ Mercury with another band that I love, The Big Sleep.

Hopefully I will get to see my good friend DJ Dompants over at Gang of Four @ IRving before heading over to DJ at Lit. If I run really fast.

So yes, Lit tonight, Nicole and I will be playing some tunes from 11-4, with Lola in all her hotness behind the bar. Should be a lot of fun so please come.

Also, please check out Loose Records, because this shit is bananas (in the best possible way).

Finally, get well soon, Kylie.

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