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billy... billy don't you lose my number

'cause you're not anywhere, that I can't find you'

So.. on Stereogum today you can read about how Billy Corgan hates Zwan because they were all assholes and drug addicts (but Paz was hot, even my friend Mike thought so) and loves D'arcy and James. Though he finds them misguided or whatever and doesn't actually talk to them or see them... ever.

And I've given some time and effort to listening to two of the tracks from TheFutureEmbrace and basically I think they sound like outtakes from Adore and not very good ones at that (and I was one of the minority who LOVE that album and didn't ressent the departure from Melon Collie and Siamese Dream). And while I'm sort of glad that "gloom" billy has come back from rain bow Zwan happiness Billy, I'm still HOLDING OUT FOR A REUNION. Seriously, let's just get to it. Maybe James will go to Webster Hall and afterwards they can hang out at Dark Room and call up Melissa (sorry but I liked her way better than D'arcy and her solo thing didn't work out too well either) and you know Jimmy would be psyched and.. well.. a girl can dream.

While I'm holding my breath, you can hear some of the new tracks and read some Billy blogs on his myspace.

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