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june blitz

so many shows, so little time. yeah i rock and i roll but fuck... i need to sleep too!!! don't know if that's going to be happening much though. this friday alone is going to make your head spin with Rilo Kiley, The Wrens, Snowden and PS all playing on the same night at different venues! Sheesh.

after updating my own little personal listings here are some highlights:

thursday @ rothko: sex sells + white light motorcade! i haven't seen WLM play in what seems like a year (and it probably was!). this band is phenominal live, I can't express it enough. and sex sells are also fucking great.

friday you already know about....

saturday @ southpaw for the "jelly" party: the cloud room + dj melody nelson. awesome!

and then sunday round off your weekend with other passengers, the prids, the art of shooting, pela @ east river bar for rock and roll brunch

are you tired yet? yeah

i'll tell you want i want, what i really really want...

billy... billy don't you lose my number