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Snowden is one of the bands who were responsible for making my birthday party back in March so fantastic for me. Obviously you know how much I love them, and this week they are playing some shows around the east coast so if they are going to be in your area , def. try to check them out.

May 24 - @ Black Cat in Washington, DC
May 25 - acoustic set on WVUD in Newark DE, around 3pm and streaming here. + acoustic instore @ Rainbow Music for FREE @ 5pm.
May 27 - MERCURY LOUNGE, nyc

so check that out, and you can also get a sweet Snowden t-shirt here.

This weekend involved a lot of fun and running around, and I went to Tiswas on Saturday with some friends to check out hottt dj duo the Queens of Noize. Overall, they played a good mix of stuff, and they are very small and british and cute. I really appreciate it when DJs come into a set with a lot of energy and dance along... I always try to do that and I think it really motivates crowds to get into what you are doing behind the decks (as long as you aren't playing total crap). I had no idea who was DJing at Misshapes, but we went anyways and it turned out to be Kill Hannah! Oh sweet eyeliner wearing boys. They were playing some great stuff so I got very very drunk and had a nice evening.

Anyways, if you want to check out the Queens, you can go over to Delancey tonight for a pirate themed shin-dig where they will be teaming up with Tarts of Pleasure for some sort of foursome that I think must be seen and heard to be believed.

Here's the flier.

billy... billy don't you lose my number

oh yes they did