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and i would stay with you if you were lonely

so i ate a bunch of sushi tonight, passed out on my couch after another boring episode of Friends and woke up totally sick from the sushi... or was that the half bottle of wine. ugggh. anyways, now that I'm not sleeping and packing for Coachella instead, I thought I would offer up suggestions of fun activities for people who are in New York this weekend...

first of all, go to the Madison Strays website (as if I haven't told you to do this enough) and download the mp3 for "Last Train." It has been keeping me slap happy all day.

ALSO, please please please please if you have a chance, check out my almost-houseguests Snowden from Atlanta, playing TWO area shows, one at Plaid on Friday and then at Pianos on Saturday. They are SO GOOD, and the show at Plaid has an open bar from 9-10 I believe and I got some email saying they were filming for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy tomorrow night too? Random, I know, but go check it out!!!

Surefire are also playing at Sin-e on Sunday. I won't be going, but it's okay because I'm saving myself for when they play Tiswas with The GoStation. I'll be the girl in the front row freaking the fuck out from all the good music and cute boys on the stage that night. Just you wait.

Okay, that's all, and if you are in Coachella, you had better find me. I'll be the girl trying her best not to pass out from the heat induced frenzy I create (or the 107 degree actual temperature, whichever) seeing all the AMAZING FUCKING BANDS.

Holy shit, that's all. Thank you, goodnight!