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viva randomness

Ok so I wrote a whole blog entry and now I have to do it all over again because I accidently deleted it. Whatever... the main gist of it was the following:

- If you haven't gotten the chance to see Lost yet for whatever reason, you can catch up with this fantastic show this Saturday at 8pm (eastern) on ABC for a little repeat action. This shit keeps getting better and better (although you can never ever go wrong with JJ Abrahms ie: Alias, Felicity). The website also has summaries of each episode, so get watching now! This show has Charlie from Party of Five AND Hobbits! How can you go wrong?!

- Looking for a great show to go to in November that won't cost you a fortune? Get some tickets to the first great show in a series being put on by Gothamist, called Movable Hype. With a name like that you know it will be blogged about on every site imaginable -- great news for the fantastic bands on the bill -- hello Snowden! Please play "Victim Card" this time around... ok?

- Finally tonight the Misshapes crew are taking over Crobar. Here's the flier. Apparently if you say Misshapes to everyone's favorite door guy Thomas, you will get in for free. Free = awesomeness. Crobar = ...? Plus if you stick around Crobar until 4am, you can hop on a bus with Misshapes and friends and take a jaunt to fabulous Toledo, Ohio! They are throwing a party there in conjunction with Downtown for Democracy to encourage people to vote. Eyeliner and electroclash for a good cause? Why not! This is also going to be the afterparty for a screening of Farenheit 911 with Michael Moore in attendance.

Ok back to watching this Mork and Mindy marathon @ work... with a final congrats to the BoSox and their fantastic fans, including my former roommate and of course, Rob.

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