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flamin' hot snacks, yo

Someone should tip Britney off to this shit, baked cheetos are yummmmmmm. Working at MTV is also fun because there is... no work actually involved. And I get to watch Laguna Beach ALL FUCKING DAY LONG. Like ohmygod...

Last night Jasper's birthday party was a good time, but I didn't get to buy him a shot because he disappeared. I owe you Jasper. I finally got to see PS, and I really loved them. Such lush music, and another sad song that almost made me cry. What is up with me lately?! They almost made some people do the "white boy mc hammer dance" which is kind of questionable, but overall I liked them and if I had 10 dollars that didn't need to be spent exclusively on baked cheetos for lunch I would have picked up their new CD, Double Standards. Check out some MP3s here if you are curious! (PS also has amazingly cool fliers and their lead singer bears an eerie resemblence to John Cusack. If you believe what Chuck Klosterman says, all women are in love with John Cusack... well actually they are all in love with Lloyd Dobbler, but you get the idea. Good stuff!).

Tonight I am actually giving in and watching the baseball game, because I love rooting for the underdog (go cubbies! er.. red sox) and hopefully it will be a suspenseful game and not an asswhooping of the worst kind, if only so that Rob will be a happier guy. But this is ONLY happening after I watch Lost, the best TV show of the new season hands down. 8pm, ABC Wednesdays, get addicted!

viva randomness

CMJ 2004 : sexy time explosions?