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"It's better in the bahamas"

About a year ago I went to the (now defunct) BQE lounge in Williamsburg to see this band called The Bahamas that I really liked. I went to NYU with most of the guys and they had a five track EP and a really catchy sound and seemed to be going places quickly. The BQE was packed, I drank a ton of apple martinis (this is when I still did that frequently, before the wonder that is vodka tonics really entered my life), and the band was amazing. People danced too. Then weeks went by and they didn't play another show. Weeks became months, their website disappeared, and sadly my friends and I accepted that the band was probably pretty much over.

Then I got my weekly update from the Luna Lounge mailing list and The Bahamas were listed as playing on the 9th of this month. After confirming it with some friends, it was official -- the band was playing their first show together in over a year! And what a show it was... the room was packed with mostly old friends and those of us who have waited for a reunion for so long, a lot of familiar NYU faces were also in the crowd (including members of Arbor Day), which brought back a lot of memories for me.

Anyways, the band played really well, as well as can be expected after a few rehearsals and a year long hiatus. There weren't a lot of their old songs in the mix, which I was kind of bummed about. Their newer material is def. a departure... Dan is really honing his Jack White-esque vocals and I think he makes for a great frontman (not just because he's really tall and his beard is kind of mesmerizing in some way... maybe I was just too drunk/tired). Hopefully there are more Bahamas shows in the future.

There are a ton of great shows this week. And I will talk about them tomorrow because I need SLEEP. Yes I actually opted out of a night of music to come home and pass out after watching The Shins perform on the Gilmore Girls (which I had never watched before but I have my tivo record everything with "The Shins" in the description. I also have it record everything with "Interpol" in the description but I only end up getting a lot of episodes of some show called "Interpol Investigates." I don't believe this is anything resembling Carlos D and Paul Banks doing crime scene investigation forensics stuff (which would be AWESOME, no?) so I just delete those. Yes.... I'm a dork.).

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