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Matt GoStation wants YOU...

to go see a great show tonight!


luna lounge, nyc
ludlow btwn houston & stanton
8pm start, 21+, FREE!!!

-- Also, pictures from popfrenzy! are now up on our website and more are coming soon! There is also info for the next party on the 20th!

-- Oh aaand, since I'm inexplicably getting hits from, I just thought I would mention that I was at Misshapes for his DJ set and I thought it was GREAT. James Iha love the cheesy pop music (woohoo New Radicals!) and he didn't even seem to mind the ring of girls around the dj booth staring at his every move. I prefer the dark and brooding James as opposed to the James with Cameron Diaz platinum hair but he's still hot, almost as hot as James Iha in a dress from the 'Today' video. Those were the days. Luke and Leroy's needs to build five thousand more bathrooms also.

i bring the sharpie

"It's better in the bahamas"