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thank you and thank YOU

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who came out to popfrenzy! last Friday at Red + Black. you guys are fucking awesome. Belvy was excited that the "hipsters" got along with the "hip hoppers" and the "pollacks"... seriously it was one big dance floor lovefest from what I could tell. I was just excited that everyone else was excited... that kind of thing is contagious!

We'll be back again on the 20th for our second round. As long as these parties are fun then we'll be there every other week. Stay tuned here for updates on DJs and all the other goodies.

Once again, my appologies for my DJ party foul to Arthur... if you guys didn't have such great songs maybe I wouldn't feel so compelled to spin them in your presence. I'm just a geeky fan at heart!

I'm a tired temp this week, so I wouldn't expect a ton in the way of updates, but tomorrow I promise my little review of The Bahamas big reunion show at Luna Lounge.

"It's better in the bahamas"

interpol is a weapon of mass destruction