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i have a pretty smile

Big big thank you to everyone who came out to Pianos last night. I had one stupid skipping cd but otherwise DJing was a TON of fun, and I even got to play "Today" by The Smashing Pumpkins, which, as Jacob Surefire said, is probably the ONLY time that song will ever get played in Pianos. Go me. That song is everything I was at 15 years old basically. I love it.

But alas, my partner in crime and booze and dengler and pig latin is far far away in Tex-ass, pimping our new management team to all the folks at SXSW. I made her promise NOT to go see The Ben Taylor Band and instead to give the number of this sad single girl to some cute rockstar boys incase maybe they will be in NYC at some point. A girl can dream, no? So in honor of her trip and rock star boys everywhere, I think you should go and vote for Pilot to Gunner's new video on

After mixing it up at Pianos, we headed to Lit where some members of Jet were still wandering around, and at one point I remember being picked up and carried around, which I always love because no one EVER picks up tall girls and carries them around. Seriously, the way to my heart is through a piggy back ride.