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little birds tell me things...

my roommate told me that I want a Famous Face is totally fucked up. I just want to know who the asshole sergeon is who is doing this stuff to clearly damaged teenagers.

there is an afterparty tonight for Jet/The Vines at Lit. I'm going to have to pass (and so will you, because I am djing at Pianos are you are going to be THERE). Besides... that guy from The Vines is crazy and will probably throw some of the pews around.
... ok maybe I will go for a little bit...

I'm giving up my title of makeout queen. I'm going to be sexy and sober and maybe not single. Holy shit. Well... we'll see (and no, I am not DRUNK RIGHT NOW).

I'm going to play The Smiths tonight for Jacob Surefire because he got to meet them Sunday which rules.