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we have a pepper bar! (mmm... toasty)

If you watch a lot of TV and waste a lot of time, as I do, I'm sure you've seen the new Quiznos Commercials with the little freaky creatures singingi "We love the subs!" Well apparently the little "spongmonkeys" originated from here, singing "we love the moon". Weird weird stuff.

Even weirder, here's the official statement from the PR wizards at Quiznos:
"The new creative campaign is completely unexpected...even for Quiznos. "The first time you see the advertisement, you might ask yourself, "What exactly was that?" Our intent was to grab the consumers' attention. By the second time you see it, we guarantee you'll be singing along," says Quiznos Chief Marketing Officer, Trey Hall.

The creative continues the "mmmm.... toasty" theme that characterizes Quiznos Sub's identity, and is an inflated reflection of just how passionate and crazy customers are for their favorite toasted Quiznos sub. The monkeys, who are the main characters in this ad, are not your typical spokespersons. They are maniacs who are so hooked on toasted subs that they created a rockin' tune just for Quiznos called "I love the Sub."

a rockin tune eh? i dunno... those things near my food kind of freaks me out.