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i'm really bad at girls night

At some point last night Lit turned into a shitty frathouse. Are we REALLY listening to Tag Team's "Whoomp, there it is??" Is there really a girl in leopard print dancing behind the bar and climbing on things?

I told all these guys NO PDA, which is apparently my new motto. Or... it just means that I really don't want to make out with you. OR it just sounds really funny. "Isn't that your song?" And people kept biting me. I kid you not. Maybe they need to start providing some kind of Chex Mix in little bowls so that boys will have something to munch on instead of ME. Sheesh.

Nicole disappeared from my apartment this morning, but left her bagel here. Honey I love you. And your leftover bagel. But she did get me on the list for White Light Motorcade tonight. Unfortunately (or fortunately...) I won't be attending because I told Lucas that I would go to a party in Queens with him, where he PROMISED me that there would be straight people. And the stupid Ltrain isn't running, so I'm going to be stranded here or there or everywhere no matter what. I hate you MTA.

Love: Bagels, Nicole, pda
Hate: MTA, Lit clusterfuck jerzee friday, inappropriate biting