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love locksley

Dear Diary,

My head hurts today. My head hurts, and Bennys is taking an eternity and a half to deliver my chicken burrito lunch special. Bitch moan. But I am in a surprisingly good mood today too. Why, you ask? because, diary, I saw an amazing band last night and now have the biggest crush in the world on them. They are called Locksley, and they could easily be described as a young, cute, Beatles second-coming.

From start to finish, their set at Avalon (ugh, friggin avalon) completely rocked, and they had girls screaming like lovesick maniacs, and guys like my musician friend Alex watching on in impressed awe. The songs are catchy and very toe-tappy, and while they might not be reinventing the wheel with the tracks on their album Don't Make Me Wait, I hope that people will give them a chance.

Thanks for listening, Diary. Oh, and before I go, did you know that the Chipotle website has the greatest online ordering system I have ever seen. Rachael thinks we should get the mexican lady who speaks to you to be on our radio show, and I think that would be great. Though maybe she wouldn't be AS good of a guest as Brendan, our favorite waiter at the Olive Garden. It's a toss up, diary.

Also, at FAO Schwartz you can now customize your own TUTU. Fuck yeah.

That's all for now.




Locksley - Don't Make Me Wait

Locksley - She Does

Locksley - All Of The Time

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