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Happy 2011 kids! This blog is now 7 years old. That is friggin ancient for the internets, no (although I am forever young, obvs)? For the first post of the new year/decade I couldn't be more stoked to share this new Walter Meego track with you from their album WONDERVALLEY... which currently has no label/distribution and subsequently singer Justin told me they don't play live much anymore. This gave me a total case of SAD FACE, as I have really loved this band every since some lovely friends from Chicago turned me on to them back in the day. I djed their song "Forever" recently at my NYE gig and actually found myself wondering whatever happened to them, so at least now we know?

The happy news for you is that you can download all of WONDERVALLEY for the price of FREE on their website. My fave track is below for a sampling.

Walter Meego - Starlight

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