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BLOG SHOW SIX and cage dancing and jesus and pittsburg.

i sort of think our radio shows get a) more ridiculous and b) also better every week. so why don't you go over to Break Thru Radio and clicky click on "The Blog Show." sexy time!

and then you can download these songs from the bands we featured this week.

and then go to Rachael's blog and explain to her why Pittsburg isn't Paris.

Via Audio - Modern Day Saint

The Head Set - Hollywood

Skybox Various Kitchen Utensils

Ennui - Rukus

Last night I went to Rebel to see Cinematics and Benzos. LOVE Cinematics and Benzos (post on them soon), not so much LOVE for Rebel though. Ugh. Though they do have cages that you can dance in there while you watch a band.. you know, if you're into that kind of thing.

ALso, I ran into Josh from The Upwelling, and he kind of looks like Jesus now. I didn't really recognize him, and that's not the 9 dollar vodka tonic talking either. But it was good to see him, and I realized I haven't seen his band in about a hundred years so maybe I should sometime soon. Tonight I'm going to see A-Sides and Annuals. I'm really tired, but really stoked to hear "Complete or Completing" because it's kind of the best thing ever. Please don't let me go to Annex afterwards though. Please. Ok thanks.



can this POSSIBLY be real?

love locksley