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thank god for underage boys

Isn't it funny... I went to a crazy superbowl party and I have NO IDEA who won the super bowl??? I think the only part I paid any attention to was the half time show, with Janet (ms jackson if you're nasty) and her exposed nip covered by a metal 'solar' nipple medallion.

Otherwise it was all fun times eating wings and nachos at Pianos, with some excellent DJing by Ultragrrrl and one of the Stills. I got very very very very drunk, aren't you surprised?

After that we all went to Arlene's Grocery to check out my new favorite band, Surefire. 17 and 18 year old boys playing some very very excellent rock pop? Yes please! At one point I had stepped outside for a cigarette when the lead singer came out and ran to the curb. I think he was sick, or nervous or both. So when he came over to talk to us, I grabbed his ass. And they went on to play a very excellent set. So word to all lead singers and hell... all band members. Let me grab your ass before the show and you will be a-okay.

And that's all she wrote.