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free pizza pie! yum yum

(my roommate and I were under the impression that the Alligator Lounge, about a block from my apartment, was a gay bar. then i saw this... and I know Big Dave doesn't bat for that team... and even so, FREE PIZZA. go go go)
Well, we have FINALLY gotten the kitchen open at
the Alligator Lounge (600 Metropolitan Ave. @
Lorimer St. - 2nd stop out of Manhattan on the L
train in Williamsburg, Brooklyn).

We are giving away free brick oven pizza all day
Sunday, February 1 to all comers - please tell
all your Brooklyn friends who are still unsure
of where to watch the game. We have two TVs and
plenty of seating.

Come enjoy the big game with big dave and eat
big amounts of free brick oven pizza.

any questions 917 - 749 - 7773