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super fantastique!

holy shittt FRANZ FERDINAND. so amazing. even if I had to go to New Jersey, it was worth the trip to see them play such a small venue, because I don't think that they will be doing that for long. Saturday night we girls treked out to Hoboken for the show, and then all the way back to Williamsburg for my ex-boy's party, ate super pretzels and a ton of cheese and bean dip and met a dog named Ed (Fred?), and THEN to Red and Black to see Lola play "Hey Ya" and fiiinnallly we ended back at Lit... surprise surprise..., where I showed off my "No Pda" t-shirt and had fun all around.

last night George and I went to Lit's birthday party, and I was going to make a card but um... then I remembered that it's a bar. And yet they still sang happy birthday to... the bar. We watched some entertaining karyoke and Nicole and I started to plan my never-going-to-happen-unfortunately-wedding. I even found a registered minister with pigtails who said he woudl marry me AND someone named Ben to walk me down the aisle. Too bad I forgot the part where I need someone TO marry.

So I got four hours of sleep, and now I'm going BACK to Lit to see Dutch Kills rock out, and then I am going to come home and sleep as I have never slept before....