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Ahh, last night was so so so much fun. Kasey and I planted ourselves in the front row for Surefire's amazing set. Even George was impressed! And, as was announced by the band, my birthday just got 839725987325 times better because it's happening at Pianos on March 9th and Surefire is playing a 21 and over show! This means that YOU had better be there!!! Details to follow...

So the show as great, and afterwards we kidnapped Justin and Jacob and took them to Lit, where they ordered sex on the beaches (I am weaning Jacob off of those and on to vodka tonics) and we all had a fantastic time. Perhaps Kasey and I are corrupting the youth, but they're too fucking awesome NOT to. There were even some girls from the show who followed us to Lit and introduced themselves to us. The boys were thrilled, to say the least. Rockin. So talented. So best.

TONIGHT: FRANZ FERDINAND (the band, NOT the forthcoming cat!), my ex's party, and then Lola DJing at Red and Black. Schweet.