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ipod for sale for 50 cents, party in the club bottle full of bub...what what

thank god for Franz Ferdinand on repeat, cuz my ipod and my computer are NOT loving each other properly. my weekend was too boring. i am so glad that the L train started working today, JUST IN TIME FOR ME TO LOSE MY UNLIMITED METRO CARD. Isn't Friday the 13th this week? I'm so fucked...

whatevs, i went to the gym and busted my ass for an hour while listening to Interpol. It was so inspirational or something... I didn't want to get off the thing. Gets me all fired up. If I start growling like a cat though... um... just ignore me (only Nicole will get that one). Rrarrr! (what does he have on the walls of his bedroom? a framed picture close up of his nose?)

Oh oh and AFTER the gym I ate mexican food, got really drunk, and then ate CAKE. This is why I am fucking awesome. we'll just ignore that i was rudely unfriendstered today for NO GOOD REASON. my feelings are hurt, but i'll be OK.

look that's me djing in London. once again, so cool.

ps: i like it when people leave me voicemails calling me baby girl. uhhuh.