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i like the way you move

Thank god for Outkast. Thank god for Andre 3000 and his teepee spaceship.

Otherwise, bunch of crap. Sting in a skirt? Christina Aguilera in full attire? Foo Fighters doing a pretty song? Sarah McYAWN singing a boring song like the rest of her boring songs? Beyonce singing a song involving no ass-shaking?

I mean, I know we were already still all excited about Janet's boob, but could this show have been any more boring? The only thing that stirred me from my sushi/boredom enduced coma was Samual L. Jackson screaming OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Please someone teach Meg White how to not be a sucky drummer.

At least Coldplay was on TV for five seconds. So British and so cute.

Just another four hour reminder about how much amazing music is ignored in this country and how much crap we pay attention to for NO REASON.