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the shins : bowery ballroom jan. 16th

yay the shins. maybe you aren't super attractive, but your music is damn sexy and sweet. it was a fun show, and we ended up with a great view. the show itself was good, they ended with "girl on the wing" which is probably my favorite shins song. there was, however, a lot of drawn out incoherent babbling and an incident involving a giant star balloon flying around with baby star balloons attacked to all sides, which apparently was far too distracting for EVERYONE. balloon stole the show, hands down.

somehow, i don't think i need to tell you where we ended up. i think i am getting some kind of black lung from too much time spent in the basement at Lit. OK, and smoking five thousand cigarettes probably didn't help much either.

but regardless, it was fun. Joana had a stairs "incident" which means now, of the triple threat, i am the only one who has never managed to wipe out @ Lit. famous last words i think. The crowd was in some kind of flux, and I peed in the men's room that has the saloon doors while some very nice girl kept watch. thank you nice girl, you were very cool.

but i think I should never ever ever ever EVER eat San Loco at 5am EVER again, and then follow it up with sake (or sakaaaaay?) and making out to The Postal Service. Oy. Well maybe that last part wasn't so bad.

i'm glad it's less assbad cold outside today, so that tonight's debauchery won't need to involve quite so many layers.