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Donnie Darko, Theatrical Director's Cut

If you never got a chance to see Richard Kelly's weirdly wonderful dark fantasy DONNIE DARKO in theaters—or even if you did—the writer/ director has good news. He just gave Fango the scoop that original distributor Newmarket will bring the movie back to the big screen in a special-edition reissue this spring or summer.

"This will be closer to the version that played Sundance in 2001," Kelly tells Fango. "It will contain a lot of deleted scenes that were included on the DVD, and stuff that people have never seen before. We're adding pop songs that we weren't able to use the first time, and new visual effects we couldn't afford the first time around. This edition will also have more answers to the questions the film raises," he promises.

In the meantime, Kelly is gearing up to direct the Fox Searchlight chiller KNOWING and wrapping up THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET, a horror script he's writing for Jonathan (T3) Mostow to direct. "I'm putting the last revisions on the final draft," he reports. "I'm meeting at Universal this week about it."