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Friendster Losers

Quite frequently these days, ever since my new single status took effect, I will get random friendster messages from boys. For some reason they are usually a. asians b. people in the military c. asians in the military or d. guys posed in their friendster pictures with babies.

I never respond to these messages because... I mean c'mon. Unless they are REALLY clever, which is usually not the case. Did I mention the guidos? Well here:

friendster loser of the day:

All i have to say is your beauityful and seem
very sweet and down to earth which is not
something i have seen in the past few years =-/.
You seem to have a gerneral warmness about you
and it feels good to know there a person like you
out in the world. My name is Josh im 24 from
Queens NyC . I found ya in the profiles and
thought id give you a shout and see what would
come of it hope to hear from you Nora

wow. what is it with me lately and people with little to no spelling ability? poor josh. more to come...