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just got this in zee email (vh1 doing a "heartfelt, classy, and upscale" program? I dunno about that. Can I do a relationship story to the tune of Bootylicious? nah... on second thought mine would be some howie day emo crap as of late...):

Casting for New Musical Reality Series "This One's For You"- VH1

A primetime blend of documentary/music video/reality where America is seen at its best and its most sincere.

A major celebrity recording artist will perform in song, the story of a strained relationship between romances (secret crushes, proposals, 2nd chances, lost love), in-laws, friends, co-workers, family hopes of repairing that relationship.

VH1 is searching for true stories from real people. No story is too small or too grand...

The people involved in the relationships will be the STAR of the program.

This is a heartfelt, classy, upscale program - that respects the issues in peoples lives, and will offer a unique and unforgettable opportunity to heal the bonds that mean so much to us.

Everyone has a story of significance - please tell us yours.

Email a summary of your story and your contact information to (VH1 Casting Director)
Or call: (323) 993-6142