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so much ridiculous

Very reminiscent to last summer's friendster addiction, I now have this awful Myspace habit. Here's a great message I got on this "fantastic" service today:
Ur so Invited

HI, My name is HoustonBernard, Bi Porno ElectroPunk Rapper from Brooklyn, NYC.

Im touring Northamerica promoting huma rights and free speech.

I have songs like 'Lick, Suck, DIck, Fuck' and 'Whores Have more Fun'

Im out west now and have been on tour for a couple months, starting in ITaly, but the pride committee was nice enough to fly me back for a show on June 27th at stagefest for pride.


Please tell me I'm not the only person who has never heard of bi porno electro punk rapping? Too funny/weird.

In other news, this woman has a really unfortunate name...

And has anyone else ever thought that Matt from The GoStation looks like Robert Smith? This was NOT my idea mind you, but the suggestion of someone else. Had to share! (And FYI, the new GoStation EP is going to freak you the fuck out with how good it is. I was speechless. You'll see...)

the great Delancey debate...