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I don't know about this whole editing Sex and the City so they can show it in syndication on TBS. I mean, what's the big deal about saying "sex buddy" instead of "fuck buddy"? People are just so damn sensitive. Nipples send us into an outrage. So retarded. I say go get the DVDs or better yet... just go have some sex of your own. Such a better way to spend your evening!

Last night was Misshapes prom! So much cheesy fun. Jocelyn and I rocked the 80s lesbian couple thing... whatever that means. It was great to see so many people dressed up. And I "got served" on the dance floor by the boys of Surefire (I personally think they should add their dance stylings to their live performances. They would be unstoppable, no?).

I'm hoping to get some much needed rest this week, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen because of all the great shows coming up... Morning Theft + Other Passengers, Melissa Auf Der Maur (swoon!), and then this weekend's concert bonanza with Benzos, The Bravery, Sons of Sound, The GoStation, Daybreaker, and of course Dutch Kills! More on all this later though, it's a lovely day outside and tonight is Six Feet Under FINALLY! For joy!

so much ridiculous

I'll drink to that...