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SNOWDEN! Remember Snowden?


When I turned 24 years old, which unfortunately was much longer ago than I'd really like to admit, I was in the midst of my early blogging days mania and had my fair share of band obsessions. As a result, to celebrate the anniversary of my birth that year I felt more than a little bit compelled to put together a show featuring said bands just because... well why the heck not? The resulting bill featured three artists you may or may not have heard of: Morning Theft, Clay Your Hands Say Yeah, and Snowden.

Snowden, aka the eternally broody and handsome Jordan Jeffares, hailed form Atlanta and played New York just about as often as I blogged about them (which was A WHOLE LOT). Over the years the band under Jeffares lead took on several different formations and put out some really great music including 2006's Anti-Anti and then seemingly drifted off the radar until 2012 when Jeffares announced he was in Michigan recording with Bill Skibbe (The Kills, The Dead Weather...), and planning to release the much anticipated result, No One In Control, on Kings of Leon's Serpents & Snakes label on May 14th 2013. 

Color my psyched, and not just about the release either because the band will be playing two supporting NYC shows to celebrate at  Mercury Lounge on May 30 and 
Cameo Gallery on May 31. 

You can also get a taste for things to come on No One In Control courtesy of this cinematic video for the excellently catchy first single "The Beat Comes." Happy Birthday to us all. 


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