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It has always been a bit baffling to me why and how it is that Nashville band The Features are not much much much more popular and adored than they current appear to be. Because they really ought to be. My affection for their particularly excellent brand of southern garage rock meets the Talking Heads spans back many a year, to an ex-boyfriend from my 20s who endlessly sung their praises in my ear to the point where at times I thought he felt more in love with them than he ever did with me (womp womp). In spite of our relationship's eventual demise, I have always been pleased to see that The Features soldiered on but have remained ever so bewildered at how they just haven't BLOWN THE EFF UP ALREADY. 

The good news is that they still certainly can and perhaps the release of their upcoming self-titled full length album (out May 14th) will be the tipping point. Get a preview with this just released video for catchy lead single "This Disorder" - and NYC friends, you really should see them next Thursday at Santos Party House so that you can say you "knew them when."

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