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Treasure Island Music Festival 2013: In Photos

Treasure Island 2013 - by James McDonald

Over the past weekend I braved my first San Francisco music festival ever and it was QUITE an experience to say the least. SF people just do things differently in general and music festivals are no exception. So many ridiculous costumes and different interesting experiences (ukelele lessons anyone?) - the atmosphere at times rivaled the acts themselves.

 Although what I really couldn't get over about Treasure Island (aside from how FREEZING ASS COLD it was) was how tiny the entire festival is - even though it's just two days, taking into account some of the huge acts they booked I was expecting something a bit more substantial but in the end it was just about perfect and so easy to navigate where I could spend the entire day there, and not end up with numb feet at the end of the day from treking back and forth between multiple stages etc or missing acts I'd been dying to see because of any sort of overlap (there was none!) and you could literally stand in a single spot between both stages and have a fairly great vantage point either way. 

Here are some photos of my day - some highlights included finally seeing Disclosure who were pretty awesome and really took the energy on Saturday to an entire different level, emo-ing out to James Blake, Holy Ghost representing NYC, the Haim girls and their insanely entertaining on-stage banter, Beck forgetting the lyrics to "Loser" (yeah that happened), and Sleigh Bells melting a lot of very frozen faces as one of the last acts of Sunday. 

Thanks to my awesome friend James McDonald for letting me use some of his amazing photos from the weekend.  

Also check out the Virgin Mobile Live Instagram feed where my friend the lovely Abbey Braden was live posting some other fun snapshots from our two days at the fest.  

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