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Let's break it down. It's 2012. Apparently mainstream music has made an amazing "comeback" - however that is possible for something that is "mainstream" I find questionable - and the music blog? Dead. RIP. But then along comes a band like Cambridge Massachusett's natives You Won't to reassure me that there are still musicians out there for us bloggers to embrace. Bands that are keeping things simple while still challenging us and who don't need David Guetta to make an impact (not that I have anything against David Guetta, his stuff is mad catchy). With their full-length debut, "Skeptic Goodbye," out Feb 14th on Old Flame Records (home of local faves Dinowalrus and Cloud Nothings), high school friends Josh Arnoudse and Raky Sastri have set out to do just that.

Stemming from home-recording and cross-country tape sharing collaborations, there's a little (and sometimes a lot) of twang on knee-slapping sing-along tracks like "Television" and just as much gentle melody and creative twists and turns on single "Ten Years Old." Overall, there is definitely a message of a simplistic innocence and childhood nostalgia to their music that as a listener you can easily get lost in, and that this industry has, in some ways, either forgotten or lost some appreciation for. Is the blog dead? Has mainstream won out? I'd be a skeptic to say goodbye at this point too.

Upcoming shows:
2/15/2012 - Portland, ME - 131 Washington (w/Artie Appleseed, Mango Floss, Heavy on the Juice) - 8pm
2/16/2012 - Cambridge, MA - TT The Bear’s Place (w/Friendly People, Slowdim, The Suitcase Junket) - 8pm
2/17/2012 - New Haven, CT - Underbrook Coffeehouse at Yale University (w/Laurelin Kruse) - 8pm
2/18/2012 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Hall (w/Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, Lucius, Julia Read) - 8pm

Song: Ten Years Old

Song: Television

(But you probably will)

These Animals!!!

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