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I Rock I Roll's FAVORITE Albums of 2011: #1-10!!! WOO HOO.

Just when you thought maybe - just maybe - I would just post a top 25-11 favorite albums and come back to this in February or maybe never - HERE IT IS YOU GUYS.

Also this blog has now been around for close to 9 years. HOW CRAZY IS THAT? How old AM I (ahem not that old)? Thanks to the five people or so who still read this, and to the great bands and awesome publicists who email me even though I don't always (ever) write most of you back. My gmail still reaches maximum capacity every month so it's good that you're kicking ass at your jobs and fighting the good fight for the attention you/your artists deserve.

Some people say music blogs are dead or dying and maybe that's true to some degree, but as long as I'm still listening to and falling in love with music and having fun doing so I'll still be here sharing/rambling in some form or another.. until I get really old and have to turn this into a mommy blog.

Just kidding.

1. We Are Augustines - Rise Ye Sunken Ships

SONG: Chapel Song

2. The Horrors - Skying

SONG: Still Life

3. The Antlers - Burst Apart

SONG: Parentheses

4. Caveman - Coco Beware

SONG: Thankful

5. Tally Hall - Good & Evil

SONG: You & Me

6. Youth Lagoon - The Year Of Hibernation

SONG: Cannons

7. Cold Cave - Cherish The Light Years

SONG: Villians Of The Moon

8. The Joy Formidable - The Big Roar

SONG: Austere

9. Milagres - Glowing Mouth

SONG: Gentle Beast

10. Bon Iver - Bon Iver

SONG: Holocene

Also, if you have Spotify (and if you don't, you should!) you can listen to all of the albums #1-25 on this list in full. Hooray and thanks for reading!

You Won't

I Rock I Roll's FAVORITE Albums of 2011: #15-11