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I Rock I Roll's FAVORITE Albums of 2011: #21-25

Seriously, it's weird, but this list was in some ways harder to build for me than any other year.

Was it that there was so much amazing new music this year? I'm going to say.. kind of but not really. You'll see a lot of my top 10 list is going to be made up of personal favorites and everything else was pretty DARN GOOD. Not mind blowing. Not 'meh' inducing. What I'm saying is: it was a year of good music and these are my favorite albums.

Please note I'm not a paid music critic and I have a personal life so I have not actually listened from beginning to end to every album that came out this year. And I bet you haven't either (unless you are a paid music critic and in that case... how is that going for you?). These are the albums that are my favorites and maybe will become your favorites too. Here we go with 21-25!

21. Yuck - Yuck

SONG: The Wall

22. Acrylics - Lives & Treasure

SONG: Nightwatch

23.Kids of 88 - Sugarpills

SONG: Ribbons Of Light

24. Telekinesis - 12 Desperate Straight Lines

SONG: Please Ask For Help

25. Yellow Ostrich - The Mistress

SONG: Whale

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I Rock I Roll's FAVORITE Albums of 2011: #16-20

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