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King Of Spain: Cinco De Mayo!

Here's a million dollar question: Does your band really have a song called "Cinco De Mayo" that you email bloggers cleverly about ON May 5th oooooor did you just rename any old song "Cinco De Mayo" and email it to bloggers on May 5th hoping for coverage because hey... that's some sweet easy content right there?

This song actually has the words "cinco de mayo" in the chorus so I'm going to let Tampa Florida based band King of Spain have this one. And it's also actually a pretty cute song, even though I'm not entirely sure what it has to do with Cinco De Mayo - it does kind of seem like it might be about drinking (margaritas woo!) except for the part where someone gets on the interstate so let's hope not actually. Unless the person wrote the song about being a designated driver on Mexican Independence Day, in which case cheers to you buddy. Now I'm probably just reading way too much into this.... so yeah. Here is the song, and a Happy Cinco De Mayo to you!

King Of Spain - Cinco De Mayo

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